Kam Niskach


I'm just a small town girl from Weirton, West Virginia. Growing up, I played sports, danced, cheered, and traveled the country doing these activities competitively. On the softball field, my Dad would yell from the stands, “Get intense Kam” and I was the only one on the field who knew what that meant. But what I didn’t know, is that my intensity would later drive me to pursue my passion in health and fitness. Learning to give 110% at an early age has proven to be a complete game changer in my life.


Early on, my love of sports and fitness initially led me to my career as a physical therapist. I’m licensed in the state of PA and have practiced in multiple settings. The turning point in my career was evident after the birth of my daughter in 2011. I added an extra layer of accountability to my growing group fitness classes and started a home fitness business. Over the course of 2 years, I passionately transitioned my job from helping people who were injured or sick to helping people get healthy and fit. I resigned from physical therapy, and have been writing my own story ever since.

I'm far from Wonder Woman, but I do believe in being your own super hero. Here's little more about me, my own journey, and how I can better serve you!  


After a sprained ankle playing high school softball, I felt a calling to help others rehab after injury and return to sport. I attended Duquesne University and earned my Master of Physical therapy. My first job was with UPMC hospital. I then  took a position with a private practice as a clinical Neurophysiologist. For 8 years, I traveled to Pittsburgh hospitals and worked in the operating room to help Monitor surgical cases that put a patient's  nervous system at risk. During this time, I completed my doctorate of Physical therapy through temple University and was named a diplomate of the American board of Neurophysiologic monitoring. I chose to leave my beeper lifestyle and the Operating room when my dream to pursue fitness became bigger. For 2 years I worked in Home health as I transitioned from a full time physical therapist to full time Mom and fitness entrepreneur. 


My husband Matt is a pharmacist and also a Duquesne University alumni. while we knew of each other in school, our dating days didn't start until we played on the same coed softball team. in 2007 We got married and celebrated our wedding at heinz field. In 2011 MINI was born and rocked our world. she has made me a #dancemom #soccermom #softballmom and most importantly a #proudmom. For Mini's 8th birthday we added our dog koko to the fam. I've embraced #dogmom to the fullest. 


Dessert I love tootsie roll cotton candy bear claw biscuit. Topping pastry wafer. Bonbon chocolate cake dragée. Bear claw jelly beans powder I love I love I love chocolate cake cheesecake.


in 2014, i became a beachbody Live master trainer. This became way more than a job title to me. Presenting and educating through fitness was a pure passion. It combined my knowledge of movement with my love for group fitness. in 6 years, I was able to certify thousands of instructors and help them teach group fitness classes of their own.  In 2017, I was named beachbody LIVe Master trainer of the year.  in 2019, I took on the role of format expert for a popular strength training format. This role gave me the opportunity to create science backed programming for an international community of instructors. In addition, I have been a lead cast member in numerous educational fitness videos to help instructors learn new choreography. You can find a few of these videos in the beachbody on demand library. 


I created kam jamz fitness LLC and started my online fitness business in 2012.  What started as a way for me to stay accountable to my own fitness goals became a way for me to reach more people and help them reach their own goals.  in 2014 I resigned from physical therapy and pursued my dreams in the fitness industry. I am the founder of the Power krew, an online fitness community of independent coaches who are living fit, upgrading their own life, and helping others do the same.


In November 2018, I launched K-POw Nutrition supplements as a way to educate and share my unique nutrition lifestyle with Clean high quality supplements. more energy, mental clarity, decreased appetite, and improved gut health have been a complete game changer for myself and the growing K-POW Nutrition community. 


As a fitness professional, I am nationally certified through the American council of exercise and hold specialty group exercise certifications such as P90X, Insanity, piyo, and core de force. I am the creator of the format kam jamz, kid jamz, and have plans to launch metkon Rx soon. Over the course of my career, I have presented and instructed at national conferences such as IDEA world and SCW Mania. I am a cast member in the shift shop proving grounds available through beachbody on demand. in the pittsburgh community, i am lululemon legacay ambassador and currently teach at faster fitness.